We CRAVE Freshness

Our vegetables are seasonal and freshly delivered each day.

Our salads are delivered to our clients 6 times a week and have a short shelf life to maintain freshness.

Our products contain no artificial flavours, added preservatives or questionable E-numbers.

We CRAVE Nourishment

Our salads are comprised of energy boosting, vitamin and mineral rich grains, pulses, vegetables, nuts, seeds and proteins.

We package our salads in healthy and sensible portion sizes.

We clearly and openly state all ingredients and nutritional components incorporated in each salad.

We BELIEVE in a healthy planet and future

We choose salad boxes made from recycled material that are recyclable, BPA-free and resealable.

We actively minimalise food wastage by making food only to order.

We separate and recycle paper, cardboard and organic waste.

We carefully and consciously choose suppliers who share in a sustainable approach to fresh food and farming.

Our salads are predominately vegan and vegetarian. The occasional meat, poultry and fish we use in our products comes from traceable sources and animals treated with care. Fish are line-caught, chicken is at least free-range 2 star and beef is grass fed.