Our salads are full of fresh, 100% organic seasonal vegetables, seeds, grains, pulses, nuts and – yes – even salad leaves!

The CRAVE salad range includes mainly vegetarian and vegan options while each season we also offer a salad with cured or smoked meat or fish.

Look out for our gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free combinations as well.

Available in Marqt and Ekoplaza

Ready to grab-&-go!

Our range of delicious summer side salads, salad meals and Buddha Bowls.


Parel Couscous Tabouleh met Granaatappel Salade

Pearl Couscous Tabouleh
and Pomegranate (v)

A delicious, energy boosting salad meal,
full of fresh herbs with a touch of lemon juice
and vitamin rich pomegranate seeds.

Beluga Lentils, Roasted Beets, Hazelnut
and Goat's Cheese (v)

A satisfying meal with protein-rich Beluga lentils, earthy beets, herbs and creamy goat's cheese.

Persian Chickpea Salad (v)

A fresh and hearty salad with crunchy vegetables,
pomegranate seeds, Greek feta and fresh herbs.

Moroccan couscous, smoked chicken and toasted seeds

A hearty seasonal salad with wholemeal couscous, Ras el Hanout spices, dried fruit, almonds and a light vinaigrette.

HARVEST Buddha Bowl (v)

An energy boosting and protein-rich salad meal packed full of goodness - spelt, wild spinach, aduki beans, roasted nuts and a pot of CRAVE Lemon Tahini dressing.

DETOX Buddha Bowl (v)

A vegan salad meal packed with metabolism boosting spiced chickpeas, roast sweet potato, sprouting beans, seeds, fresh veggies and a pot of CRAVE lemon tahini dressing.

Carrot, Orange and Poppy seed (v)

A fresh and light side salad with roasted almonds, sweet sultanas and a hint of ginger.

Beetroot & Goat's Cheese (v)

A delicious side salad with both fresh and roasted beetroot, herbs, pumpkin seeds and creamy goat's cheese. 

Chickpeas, Roasted Paprika and Lemon Dressing (v)

A Spanish-inspired side salad with oven-roasted paprika & red onion and a smokey, mildly spiced vinaigrette.


Orzo, Pesto & Peas (v)

Hearty orzo with fresh basil pesto, crunchy radish, creamy feta and sweet peas.