Supporting medical staff at Flevoziekenhuis with fresh, healthy salad meals!

Yesterday, we used the last of our current donations funds 🙁 to make and delivery 180 fresh, healthy and sustaining salad meals to the hard working medical staff at Flevoziekenhuis Almere. The night shift staff were especially happy and grateful of a fresh meal at the end of a long and challenging shift in the IC.

These key, front line hospital staff are working hard, every day, to care for and treat COVID-19 patients and help keep the rest of us safe. To them, we say a huge THANK YOU!


CRAVE and everyone who has donated supporting the the Red Cross.

Last week, the team at CRAVE were able (all thanks to kind donations) to make another 225 salad meals and deliver these to several Red Cross locations across Amsterdam – helping to provide healthy, fresh salad meals to families struggling in this COVID-19 crisis.


We met an inspiring volunteer, Risma, who is helping to co-ordinate, pack and give away essential food packages to 50 local families. All from her own home. Hats off to all the hard working, caring and dedicated people in our community working with organisations like the Red Cross to reach and offer much needed support to so many locals. Together, we can and do make a difference.


This week, we’re working again with the Amsterdam Red Cross and planning a delivery to staff at the AMC

It’s great to be doing something for others that offers real and immediate support!

Thanks again to everyone who has donated to fund this initiative! The team at CRAVE and all our recipients (so far and yet to come) are really appreciative and grateful.

We look forward to another salad drop of 225 salad meals to Red Cross Amsterdam locations this Wednesday and plan to delivery 100+ salads to the hard working medical personnel at the AMC hospital.

Stay strong and stay safe!


Supporting the Red Cross with healthy salad meals for those in need.

Yesterday, we were so happy to be able to make and delivery 200 fresh and healthy salad meals to the Red Cross. These salads were then picked up by volunteers and staff to be delivered to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. This sort of support is only made possible by the generous donations we have received so THANK YOU to all who have helped us! We have arranged to do another salad drop to the Red Cross next week too – hopefully we can even surpass the 200 salads mark and supply them with even more!


Thanks to all your donations, we have just hit the €4000 mark!

That’s a total of 667 healthy and sustaining salad meals we can freshly prepare and give to those in need!

Tomorrow, we are working with the Red Cross Amsterdam to supply free salad meals at six of their outreach locations. Many shelters and drop-in centers have been closed to their clients, or severely restricted as part of the measures to combat COVID-19 but this results in many vulnerable people being left without emergency shelter or access to a free warm meal. We have committed 200 salad meals to the Red Cross tomorrow and hope, with more donations, to be an ongoing support for these particularly hard-hit members of our community.


Today, 200 salad meals donated to the OLVG Oost and OLVG West!

Thanks to the generous support of all those who have donated to this initiative, today we where able to deliver 200 fresh, healthy and sustaining CRAVE salad meals to the hard working medical teams at both OLVG Oost and OLVG West. This sort of support is so deeply appreciated by the hospital staff, working under enormous pressure to treat COVID-19 patients, keep our health services running and keep us all safe. The staff canteens have been closed as a measure to combat COVID-19 but this leaves the staff with no on-site options for good food during their long and exhausting shifts.

CRAVE is only able to produce and deliver these meals with the generous support of public and company donations. Thank you to all who have donated so far! We would love to continue this in the weeks to come (and so would the doctors and nurses and those in need in our community) but we still need your help – DONATIONS are the key. If you are looking for a way to help others during the COVID-19 crisis, please consider donating.

The healthy food made and delivered by CRAVE is so deeply appreciated and has an immediate and real impact on the lives and working conditions of our recipients. Every donation, big or small helps us to help them. Thank you!